Photo Credit: Galen Crout,

FOMO: Focus On My Own

Photo Credit: Galen Crout, I was quite lonely at the beginning of high school. I spent a lot of Saturday nights sitting at the desk in my room, fantasizing about the party I was missing. It made me feel a couple variations of sadness.…

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Photo Credit: Eric Rothermel,

Round Dates Don’t Work

Photo Credit: Eric Rothermel, So it’s the first of the month, or New Year’s day, or some other nice, clear point in time. Today's the day, you’re going to be up off the couch, eating right, and dropping that nasty smoking habit. Today's…

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Photo Credit: Matheus Ferrero,

Build Me Up

Photo Credit: Matheus Ferrero, #Fail Self-deprecation's certainly in style. It seems that there's even a certain amount of pride in it, a one-upmanship to whoever has the best down. #fails and other self put-downs run rampant in both…

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Photo Credit: Soroush Karimi,

Choosing Boredom Made It Less Boring

Photo Credit: Soroush Karimi, While it's true that technology has greatly improved the baseline quality of human life, it hasn't come without its concessions. An increasing access to technology has been mirrored in an increasing…

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Photo Credit: Megan Soule,

You Were Right, Ms. Harlowe

Photo Credit: Megan Soule, Results Mindset In high school I was a straight-A student. It wasn’t as much as something I was aiming for as it was part of my identity. I grew up in an incredibly type-A atmosphere. The kind of culture that…

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Photo Credit: Pablo Garcia Saldaña,

The Murky Waters of “Should”

Photo Credit: Pablo Garcia Saldaña, Approval Above Water Any port in a storm. Just as sailors will seek any form of shelter in a storm, people seek structure and dependability in times of uncertainty. One of the scariest things to say…

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Photo Credit: Freddy Marschall,

The Curious Case of Doctor Strange

Photo Credit: Freddy Marschall, Glass Case of Emotion Imagine the last time you were so indignant, so furious, so upset that that particular emotion was all you could see. Everything you saw probably felt like it had to pass through the…

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Photo Credit: Paco S,

Pray for Rock Bottom

Photo Credit: Paco S, Rock bottom's pretty much what it sounds like. We use it to describe someone at their lowest point; a situation where things couldn't get any worse. When we speak about someone else hitting rock bottom, it's…

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Photo Credit: Alexander Kluge,

5 Essential Elements for a Powerful Life Story

Photo Credit: Alexander Kluge, "The story you have about yourself is a powerful force in your life. Choose what is in yours." Zette Harbour Row, Row, Row Your Boat Your story's the most powerful force in your life and you may have…

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Photo Credit: Enrico Carcasci,

The Success of Being

Photo Credit: Enrico Carcasci, "Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it." Maya Angelou There have been as many definitions of success as there are people, I'd imagine. Historically, it's been equated…

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