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Poof! Now You’re Fearless

What do you fear? I don't mean the fears that are designed to protect you (like feeling nervous while standing above the warning line on a ladder). I mean the other kinds of fears. The ones that tell you that you don't know what you're doing, that…

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The 7 Levels of Life Purpose Energy

Are you on a quest to discover, connect to, and live out your life purpose? For much of your life, this may have been a mystery. Even the idea of having a life purpose may have seemed foreign to you.  If so, you can begin this process by asking…

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Be Inquisitive Whenever You Write

Do you remember being young and incredulous? Let’s go back to elementary school. At this impressionable age, I recall a monumental feeling I experienced every year on the last day of school. It was an exciting feeling. A feeling of complete…

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The Secret to Personal Growth

I felt very fortunate in college. I had several friends from my High School who were there at the same time. In fact, many of those friends I'd known since early Elementary school--we don't venture out very far. ;-) Despite having these wonderful…

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24 Quotes To Inspire Your Successful Awakening

It's exciting to think about defining and creating your own unique version of success. Every successful leader has traveled a path particular to them and you can too. Viewing the world through their eyes can offer inspiration for your journey. Find…

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3 Questions to Be More Authentic

There's a word that keeps popping up in my life: authentic. When I talk about the value of coaching, I'll sometimes say "it connects you with your authentic self." Or, "You can live your life authentically." And when I reflect on my own values,…

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Dreams Are Powerful Stuff

The other morning I woke abruptly after dreaming the shortest, most wonderful dream. I was in a house that I don't recall ever living in. There were people around me; however, their faces were not present. Instead I only heard voices that didn't…

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3 Keys to Success: Inspiration, Motivation, Perspiration

There are many forms of success. What being successful looks like for you will be unique and different from what another person might imagine. That's one of the beauties of having a vision, wanting to create it, and doing whatever it takes to make…

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How Quitting Made Me a Stronger Person

“Don’t be a quitter!” “Quitters never win.” "Don't be a quitter!" We have all heard these adages for years. “Never quit—you’ll be a loser!” These commonly stated comments do have merit. As a runner, perseverance is a very important part of success.…

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What’s It Take to Ask for Help? Humility!

Humility can open a door to the happiness inside you. I thought of humility as a close relative to humiliation until three months ago. After brain surgery, I suddenly had a new relationship with my body and its abilities. My left leg and foot…

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