The Tools You Need to Start Your Coaching Practice in a (Seemingly) Saturated Market

If you hang out in online spaces often, you’ve probably noticed that everyone and their second cousin seems to have hung their “coaching” shingle for all to see. When you see so many advertisements for coaches, it can be really intimidating as a…

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4 Simple Steps to Putting Your Feelings to Work for You

Feelings can be wonderful. Love, success, inspiration, joy, discovery, and on, and on. Feelings can also seem like enemies. Mistrust, unhappiness, betrayal, sadness, fear, and on, and on. Negative feelings can catch you by surprise and leave you…

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Manager v. Leader: Are They the Same Thing?

According to some, being a manager doesn’t necessarily mean being a leader. According to others, managers are, by default, leaders. Being a manager requires a different set of skills and can be complex to master. Effective managers need to…

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Guiding Your Children Toward Living Happy and Successful Lives

Perceptions of Your Children Guide Both Your Behavior (and Theirs!) If you have your own children or care for children, what do you want to keep doing to guide them? What do you want to change? When you look at them, what do you see? What gift can…

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Germs Versus Soldiers: Explaining the Immune System to a Child

When my daughter was younger, she'd panic in the bathtub if she had a scrape on the knee -- since she didn’t want soap or water on it. A quite typical reaction from a small, school-age child. I used to tell her that the soldiers in her body really…

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Turning Judgment Into a Positive Event

Have you ever let fear stop you from taking an action that could change the course of your life? Perhaps you doubted yourself and questioned whether or not you believed you were capable of being successful at something you wanted to undertake. You…

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One Thought to Feel Free

I woke up today and felt a little blue. I wasn't sure why. My mind tried to go into "fix it" mode. I thought, "I shouldn't feel blue. Why do I feel this way? I need to fix this..." Ironically, the more I tried to diagnose and fix, the same I felt…

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Leadership and Parenting: Top 5 Things Parent-Leaders Do!

Morning Chaos The smell of freshly made coffee is what I wake up to each day at 6 a.m. I bury my head deep into the pillows with my eyes shut tight for the last 5 minutes of serenity before the chaos begins. Grabbing my cup of java, I begin making…

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Noticing and Mindfulness: Your Best Friends in Building Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is the key to becoming an effective leader, a topic we discussed here. As Tasha Eurich states in her book Insight, self-awareness in leadership is “the single most important, and yet least examined, determinant of success or failure.”…

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Uncovering the Opportunities (And Gaps) in Your Network

In this article, I challenge you to dig into your existing network in order to uncover opportunities and identify gaps. I’ve got a template ready for Live Lead Play readers HERE. Once you’ve got the template handy, break your network down into the…

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