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Guiding Your Children Toward Living Happy and Successful Lives

Photo Credit: Bruno Nascimento, Perceptions of Your Children Guide Both Your Behavior (and Theirs!) IF you have your own children or care for children, what do you want to keep doing to guide them? What do you want to change? When you…

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How’s the Balance Between the Work You Love and the Ones You Love?

Photo Credit: Dawid Sobolewski, Work-Life Balance in the New Year YOU JUST GOT A PROMOTION AND A RAISE! WILL YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT AT HOME? Does any of this sound familiar? Abigail was proud that she could balance the administrative…

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Simple Goal-Setting With Clear Communication and the 5-Year Snap!

Photo Credit: Toa Heftiba, THE FIVE-YEAR SNAP What will your New Year's business goals do to change your life? It was the day for setting the annual goals. Abigail had been doing a good job as the director of a shelter for homeless…

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Catharsis Through Creation w/ Author Brent Williams

This week we have our first ever international guest, author Brent Williams from New Zealand.  Brent wrote the graphic novel “Out Of The Woods” which is a stunning visual representation through his unexpected journey with depression and anxiety.…

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The Surprising Reasons Why You Should Say “Yes” to Every Holiday Invitation… Your Comfort Zone Will Thank You

Photo credit: David Everett, It’s about that time of the year when we start New Year’s Resolutions. I'm reminded of one that I chose two years ago. As a rule, I don’t commit to New Year’s Resolutions, and my response when asked was…

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228: Uncloseted Riffs & Rants – Thankful for Bold Moves – Rick Clemons

I’m thankful I didn’t eat or drink as much as I usually do on Thanksgiving. But, I’m also thankful I did a little impromptu Facebook poll to see what the boldest thing people had done in their lives. The answers are what I’m…

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The Top Keys to Writing Outstanding Copy

Photo Credit: Carli Jeen, Yoko Ono once said: “The sky is always there for me, while my life has been going through many, many changes. When I look up at the sky, it gives me a nice feeling, like looking at an old friend.” Just this…

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Want a Fresh Start
in 2018? Here’s the
Science Behind
Creating New Habits

Photo credit:, A fresh start feels incredible. New Year. New home. New job. New relationship. Life changes bring hope and intention for new. Whether you’re vowing to stop working so much or to start working out every day,…

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226: Uncloseted Riffs & Rants – Garage Sale Lessons – Rick Clemons

There are five types of buyers at Garage Sales. These five types of buyers are also the five types of personalities that approach making bold moves and coming out of the closets of their lives in the same way. It’s an interesting exploration…

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Top 3 Strategies to Beat the Challenge of Procrastination

Photo Credit: Igor Ovsyannykov, Last night, the horizon provided the stage for a huge mound of fluffy clouds that looked like a skyscraper of cotton candy. The sun’s reflection had touched the clouds just as it was setting. Absolutely…

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