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What Are Your 110s?

Photo Credit: Alexander Redl, Growing up, much of my identity was rooted in athletics. If you were to have asked me who I am, I would've said a football player and a wrestler. Beyond simply being activities I did, these were ways my…

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The Curious Case of Doctor Strange

Photo Credit: Freddy Marschall, Glass Case of Emotion Imagine the last time you were so indignant, so furious, so upset that that particular emotion was all you could see. Everything you saw probably felt like it had to pass through the…

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Women in leadership.

Women in Leadership.
What is holding them back?

Photo by Charlz Gutiérrez De Piñeres on Unsplash What Does it Take to Get Women in Leadership? Cracked Glass: Will there ever be a female president? In 2017, why is there only a crack in that "glass ceiling" keeping women from leadership roles? Why…

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Secrets of Leaders

Amazing Secrets of Elite Leaders

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash The Amazing 'Leader Secrets' You Can Use Now Have you ever looked at a person like Bill Gates or Alice Walton or Warren Buffet and wonder what they do differently from anyone else in the world that allows them to…

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Employee Engagement

5 Smart Strategies to Improve Employee Engagement

Photo by on Unsplash Challenges to Employee Engagement One of the most challenging aspects of being in a leadership role is employee engagement -- that is, mastering the art of leading a diverse group of people who may or may not share…

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Hiring Millennials

5 Unconventional Ways to Embrace Millennials in the Workplace

Photo by Oliver Thomas Klein on Unsplash Embracing Millennials in the Workplace Dispelling the Myths of Millennials at Work What is wrong with this generation? Seriously…millennials are lazy. They lack commitment and work ethic, and they have a…

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Questions to Ask Employee Candidates

Ask These Questions Before Hiring Your Next Employee!

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash Looking to hire high potential employees for your company? Ask these your next candidate these questions! Attitude is Everything In a recent interview with Mark Murphy, the Founder and CEO of Leadership IQ, Murphy…

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Leadership checklist

Leadership Reform: A 10-Point Checklist to Identify Progressive Leaders

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash Leadership Reform Needed to Meet the Needs of a Modern Workforce: A 10-Point Checklist to Identify Progressive Leaders Change Is The Only Thing That's Certain Do you find yourself struggling more and more…

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The Leaders We Love: Leader Quotes That Inspire The Very Best Leader in You!

Photo by Mathieu Turle on Unsplash Compelling Thoughts From Leaders We Love. Which of These Leader Quotes Resonate With You at the Core? Leader quotes are incredibly powerful motivators and reminders of who and what we are called to be. Out of the…

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Leadership in Uncertainty

How to Boost Your Employees During Times of Uncertainty

Photo by on Unsplash The Importance of Leaders for Employees During Times of Uncertainty  The Only Sure Thing for Employees is Change If there is one thing that is certain in this economy, it's change. When I entered the teaching…

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