Don't Shut Up

Leader Speak: Never Miss a Good Chance to Shut up and Listen

Photo Credit: Vlad Tchompalov, What's Leader Speak? Knowing When to Shut Up! Early in my career I was a salesperson selling complex computer systems to healthcare clients. On a call with my manager, I was so intent on showing off how…

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239: 12 Books For Living a Life Uncloseted – Rick Clemons

Making bold moves and living a life uncloseted, doesn’t take magic. It takes determination, belief, trust, and…a few good books. To get the year started, instead of a typical interview show, or goal setting show, I thought I’d simply provide you 12…

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Photo Credit: Garrhet Sampson,

How Leadership Applies to the Solopreneur: Things You Need to Know Before Going it Alone!

Photo Credit: Garrhet Sampson, The Conversation Started Like This.... Like most other holidays, my family gathers together to eat way too much delicious food and catch up with all the goings on in each other's lives. This holiday was no…

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Photo Credit: Tim Carey,

Leaders, Start Your Engines and Leave Your Old Bonds Behind

Photo Credit: Tim Carey, Don’t hold back from shining. You're successful because you're powerful, driven, insightful, and brave. Use your positive energy to accomplish everything you desire. You can do anything! This began as an…

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237: The Art of Fearless Communication – Eduardo Placer

We all hear it but do we listen? Communication is key. Yet part of what keeps us playing small and not making the bold moves in life is that we can’t communicate clearly, let alone without fear. There’s always something holding us back. So let’s…

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Photo Credit: Jason Rosewell,

Communication Energetics: How You Say What You Say Matters

Photo Credit: Jason Rosewell, Communication Can Be A Leader's Greatest Challenge I recently spoke to the manager of a local retail store and asked what she liked and disliked about being in leadership. She said, "Honestly, I love the…

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Photo Credit: Todd Quackenbush,

Want Breakthrough Success? Listen for the Sweet Sound of Failure

Photo Credit: Todd Quackenbush, When was the last time that you truly, spectacularly failed? A big, loud splashing belly flop that left you breathless, with stinging skin and resounding laughter poolside? “Success is the ability to go…

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Harassment in the Workplace: 3 Critical Steps on What to Do If It Happens to You!

Photo Credit: Mihai Surdu, Harassment's that dirty little word that no one really likes to speak about. In recent news, the lid has finally been blown off this secret and people are coming out of the woodwork to share their story.…

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Your Passion Drives Success: Three Ways to Foster a Passionate Workforce

 Photo Credit: Andreas Klassen, What does it take to create passionate pride in your company? How do you instill a belief in each and every one of your employees that their jobs are valuable to the company and to your customers? What…

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233: Too Broke For Even A Closet – Josh Elledge

Imagine having little to no money…and starting a business. Ok, you’ve heard it before, but what you may not have heard is to come out of the closet and become a successful entrepreneur may only take some coupons, and $500 and a lot of believing in…

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