2 Easy Systems to Memorize Huge Lists — No Work Needed! 

The two techniques discussed in this article will grant you an almost superhuman memory recollection. Use them to memorize difficult equations, important information, and large lists of items. Or just to impress your friends! Method #1 ~ Mnemonic…

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3 Easy Ways to Maintain the Perfect, Daily Posture

Your posture can speak volumes about your character, or the way you feel at any given moment. Someone whose shoulders are rounded, upper back is slouched, and keeps their eyes lowered tend to come across as sad, depressed, or have low status.…

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How to Easily Reach Peak Mental Performance Within 3 Minutes (or Less)!

If you're looking to be at peak mental performance and enter into the "Alpha brainwave state of mind," then the techniques discussed within this article will definitely be useful to you! The average human being's mind operates within the “Beta”…

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Yes, It Will Hurt: Being Honest With Your Child About the Hospital

As a pediatric nurse of 20 years, I don’t know how many times I’ve heard parents say, “If you don’t hold still they’ll give you a shot!” And I would turn to the parent and say “You know, your child will now think that he did something…

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3 Easy Tips To Keep Your Life on Schedule and Eliminate Stress

3 Easy Tips To Keep Your Life on Schedule and Eliminate Stress This article will discuss 3 methods I have used to increase my self-discipline with great success. These aren’t the typical things you usually hear about when it comes to…

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Do What I Do: Teaching Your Child Self-Care

For many years, I've lived in a city that's BIG on family life. It's great when you need activities for your children and family and when you want to live in an environment that approves of you, wanting to make it to your children’s events, or…

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Germs Versus Soldiers: Explaining the Immune System to a Child

When my daughter was younger, she'd panic in the bathtub if she had a scrape on the knee -- since she didn’t want soap or water on it. A quite typical reaction from a small, school-age child. I used to tell her that the soldiers in her body really…

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A Day of No Judgement

There are Biblical Judgment days, a movie Judgment Day, and even songs entitled Judgment Day. I’m curious, why has no one conceived a No Judgment Day? Is it possible that no one can envision such a 24 hour time period? Would no judgment be…

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End of the Rainbow: Why Haven’t I Achieved My Goal of Happiness?

Photo Credit: Abigail Keenan, Unsplash.com We’ve been taught that we can set goals and achieve them by working hard. For example, if you want to be accepted into a good college you work hard in high school to get good grades. If you want a…

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Time-Honored Holiday Traditions Bring Blessings… and Score Major Health Benefits

Photo credit: Element5 Digital, Unsplash.com Whether hanging a time-worn star on top of a Christmas tree, spinning a dreidel, lighting candles on an heirloom menorah, or playing African drums in honor of Kwanzaa, seasonal traditions find their way…

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