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Becoming a Proactive Person

Photo Credit: Chuttersnap, Somewhere along the lines, I've learned that a "good offense is the best defense." Maybe it's because I love sports; or maybe it's because my husband's a high school football coach. But I know it's better to…

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Inspired Leader

Tips on How to Be an Inspiring Leader

Photo by Climate KIC on Unsplash What Makes an Inspiring Leader? When people ask me for tips on being a great leader, I often tell them to “Try to be an inspiring leader, the kind that who makes their employees really look forward to going to work…

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How to Uncover and Discover Limiting Beliefs

Photo Credit: Joshua Earle, One of the most difficult issues that everyone deals with are limiting beliefs. They're a challenge because we typically don’t notice them and their impact until it’s too late. In other words, you may not…

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Identifying Your Vision

Photo Credit: Ian Schneider, John F. Kennedy was an inspiring leader because he shared his vision with us and invited us in, so to speak. Having a vision's a huge part of being a good leader-- at any level. The trouble with vision is…

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How to Deal with Toxic People in Your Office

Photo Credit: Andrew Neel, Did you know that there are large groups of workers described as "actively disengaged" in the workplace? These are people who are not just bored or spacing out at work, they're actively causing problems…think:…

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Let’s Celebrate Our Failures

Photo Credit: Thong Vo, I'm sure that many of you reading this will automatically jump to the conclusion that I'm going to say that each failure's a "learning experience." To some extent, they are, but each failure's much more than…

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Is Work Life Balance Realistic?

Photo Credit: Cindy Tang, Coaching often involves listening to people discuss how inferior they feel to the "type A" people in their lives. Those go-getter, perfectionist, multi-taskers can blow your socks off with just how much they…

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How to Ask for a Raise

Photo Credit: Alejandro Escamilla, As a coach, I 'm often asked for advice when it comes to speaking about something. For example, "How do I talk to my mother-in-law about giving the kids too many sweets?" or, "How can I tell my…

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How to Speak With Your Boss

Photo Credit:, I'll never forget the first time I had to tell an employer that I was leaving for another job. I was shaking like a leaf as I sat down across from her at her desk. So much so, that she said, "It's okay…take a…

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How To Design Engaging, Inspiring Workshops That Motivate Your Audience

When you envision attending a conference, workshop, or training session, what’s your immediate reaction? If you mentally groaned and rolled your eyes, you wouldn’t be alone. I’m guilty of it, too. When I think back on the thousands of professional…

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