Are you choosing to be intentionally impactful? 

When I think of the word impact, I think of what happens when you experience something or someone. It helps to shape a thought, creates a feeling, and ultimately causes an outcome or a result. We can all choose to be intentionally impactful.

I’d like to take a deeper dive specifically into the impact we have on one another. From our children to our husbands, our co-workers to our friends, and to our family members… each encounter is impactful. Each experience helps us, and others, shape what we come to know as our truth.

My wish is for more people to be intentionally impactful. To use grace, kindness, and compassion towards everyone you meet no matter what the circumstance. To withhold judgment and if you’re going to make an assumption…why not make it a generous one? Why not use your ability to impact another human being in a way that lifts their spirits, encourages them, or simply leaves them feeling seen, heard, loved, and valued?

Someone recently asked me, “What’s the first thing you notice when you look at someone?”

I used to think it was a smile, but I quickly realized that not everyone smiles all the time. So now I’d answer that by saying — anything that I can compliment. From a pretty blouse, to a gorgeous smile, to a new haircut — I immediately look for that “something” I can admire. That’s the foot I lead with, so to speak. I start the encounter with the same energy that — quite intentionally — I’d like to see flow through the entire experience.

Our lives are often so busy and there never seems to be enough time.

Rushing, we may forget to smile at someone walking by whose having a bad day.
Multi-tasking, we may be distracted when someone’s trying to engage us.

We may be having a hard day ourselves and snap at someone when we don’t mean to. Or maybe we’re going so fast that we forget to take a moment to appreciate someone who’s been kind to us. It’s all impactful.

Our State Of Affairs

I’d like to leave you with one final thought. In the wake of our nation’s transition in Presidency, there’s been quite a bit of talk about whether or not he is the man best suited for the job. It makes perfect sense that we each have our own opinions. After all, the thoughts and feelings we have as individuals, toward his competency, are in direct correlation to our many experiences in life, up to this point. And those thoughts and feelings may or may not align with our President.

One of the many privileges we get to experience as Americans is the freedom of expression. Everyone is so passionate in their expressions that some forget that being kind when you don’t agree, compassionate when you don’t understand another’s view point, and graceful when your values and beliefs don’t align with someone else’s, will often require you to abandon the what’s right vs. what’s wrong mindset.

It will require you to be intentionally impactful. Challenge yourself to dig deep, get curious, ask questions, learn a new perspective, and perhaps see things through a different lens. And, if after you’ve done all that you still don’t agree, challenge yourself to do so gracefully.

Keep in mind that we’re impacting one another.

So, with that, I’m signing off and wishing you an amazing day!