Photo Credit: Dingzeyu Li,
Photo Credit: Dingzeyu Li,

It wasn’t long ago that I was introduced to meditation for the very first time. I remember closing my eyes, sitting in a comfortable chair, both feet on the ground and my arms laying gently on my lap with my hands turned upward. The deep breaths I took into my body filled me with optimism and the expectation of receiving wonderful results.

The relaxed state of mind I’d experience would give me a total sense of pure gratification.

I expected magical results. I wanted to be emotionally on top of the world, experiencing a phenomenal outcome.

Instead, I felt awkward. I’d had a difficult time getting into the process of meditation. I continued to listen intently and follow every instruction as the guided meditation unfolded.

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you feel you failed miserably when it didn’t happen for you?

I pretended that my first meditation experience was everything it should be– absolutely perfect. I was too embarrassed to reveal my first meditation didn’t work for me.

Now, eight years later, the connection to meditation has happened. I can’t imagine ever being without it. It makes such a difference in how I view life. And the bonus? Meditation also has a positive effect on my writing!

I’ve discovered the real value of meditation and how important a simple mantra can be to serve a writer their best results. A simple mantra’s one positive thought!

Richard Powers said,

“I’d like each time out as a writer, to reinvent who I am and what I’m doing. That’s one of the great pleasures and rewards of the occupation.”

Meditation has the power to make a difference in your writing. As a guided meditation progresses, a mantra’s added where words are repeated to help to deepen your awareness.

Deepak Chopra, a remarkable influencer, helps people to concentrate on the spiritual quality of their lives.

According to Deepak, mantras support a deeper connection with the light of your true self. When you open your mind to one positive thought and repeat that thought while in a relaxed state of being, you’ll step into happiness and your potentiality.

What can be miraculous about the daily practice of meditation is how easy it becomes to leave obstacles behind, and instead being able to focus on your unlimited creativity.

What a gift unlimited creativity is to a GREAT writer! Meditation’s powerful and it can change your outlook from dwelling on what stops you, to choosing to see opportunities, rather than obstacles.

Keeping meditation and mantras as a daily practice will encourage a writer to be more mindful, and to write with better clarity for the specific message you want to communicate.

Starting your day with one positive thought will serve to open up your mind to run with ideas and to create valuable content.

Making meditation a daily ritual, and coupling that action with a restful night’s sleep, can be a powerful foundation to quickly generate your thoughts on paper.

Being well rested is only the beginning to help you light a fire under your imagination.

Launch a brand new day with one positive thought — a mantra that brings life to your day — and in those quiet moments between sleep and stirring, try picturing the perfect words that gear you up to produce your finest writing.

Francis of Assisi said,

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; And suddenly you’re doing the impossible.”

As a writer, believe and trust in your abilities. Your writing can and will make an impact. Practice making each day an occasion to celebrate!

Breathe in and then breathe out the words, “I am a GREAT writer!” Speak these words aloud. Then in the silence of your mind.  Be consistent and never detour from confidently having faith in the value you bring to others.

My invitation to you, is to simply try a five minute guided meditation daily, for one week. Choose your best time of day for maximum results. Deepak Chopra has many free, guided meditations on YouTube.

Please comment below and let me know about the difference meditation makes for you.