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Are you ready for change? The thing is that whether you’re ready or not, changes are happening every day and the way we react is what makes life “easier” or more “complicated”. The choice is yours — be scared of it, ignore it, or act like it didn’t happen.

But how would you feel if you actually welcomed change in your life?

Change can happen at any time and without you knowing it. You may be the one bringing it on or simply witnessing it. It may come from the political environment, work environment, the weather, a friend, a doctor, family, and other endless possibilities. Sometimes it may be something we really wished for and sometimes it’s something we were afraid would happen.

When change happens, especially when not decided by us, things are shaken up. We may have to give up on something, we may have to adapt, we may have to learn, we may have to deal with new feelings, and so much more. But this isn’t the only way.

Here are five tips to get you ready for any changes in your life, no matter when or what may transpire:

See the opportunity! Change is an opportunity. Even if it feels like we lose something, by default, something else will replace it. It’s only up to us to decide what the opportunity or the new situation is bringing to us. It’s not an easy exercise especially for self-proclaimed pessimists (they sometimes call themselves realists); yet if we’re honest with ourselves we will see at least one opportunity in the new situation! Even if it’s not the one we expected!

Measure the growing! Change is growing. Of course we can live steady and stable, with limited changes greeting our lives (rare but possible). In other cases we may feel unstable or unsettled, trying to control our dreams for fear of losing what we have without any guarantee of what we’ll get in exchange. We all have the right to do so! And yet, we first need to clearly be honest with ourselves and know when we’re acting out of fear or out of conscious choice (intentionally, in other words). Now even if it’s conscious decision making, it will always challenge you to an extent. Observe nature, it’s evolving at every moment. While extinction happens when something isn’t growing nor changing any longer.

Be the owner of your destiny! You better take your destiny into your own hands. If you don’t decide, most of the time, life will decide for you. And try to always adapt. We all make plans, and sometimes those plans are not working the way we wish, so adapting to what life brings rather than being disappointed by the outcome is a sign of emotional maturity and intelligence.

Let your intuition guide you! Intuition is a great guide if you allow it to be. Sometimes our fears are so strong that we can’t hear our intuition any longer! But when we calm down and allow ourselves to hear it, we intimately know that if the wind turns against us, all will be okay in the end. No matter where the wind is coming from we can always use our intuition to reach our destination.

Visualize life the way you always dream it to be! Let life surprise you every single day. When we let go and embrace change, trusting that the life we want is the life we live, (and that whatever come is for the best), there’s no way change will be anything but a step further toward our ideal.

With these five tips, you’ll be able to embrace uncertainty and still absolutely love the journey!